Basic Auth for WordPress

I assume you have shell access to your wordpress installtion here. Go to your wordpress directory and enter: (use your own name) htpasswd -c .htpasswd klaus Enter your password twice and then run: pwd Copy the printed directory into your clipboard and replace “your directory here” from the following lines with your path. AuthType Basic AuthName “Password Protected Area” AuthUserFile <your directory here!>/.htpasswd Require valid-user Now open .htaccess with your preferred editor like vim and copy/paste the above lines before it says # BEGIN WordPress You’re done.

Asteroid Fight

Asteroid Fight is an online multiplayer action realtime strategy game played in outer space. You start with your hero and a mining probe at your warp gate and have to smash the enemy’s warp gate. The game is intended to be played with multiple players where you play 3-on-3 in a team. Every team member can pick another hero with unique abilities to complement each others abilities. Throughout a game you can then build bases on asteroids and upgrade your hero with new and better abilities. The game is still in the works, but a public alpha will be available… Continue reading


The website is made for an austrian artist, who makes all sorts of awesome works of art from stones. My work was to create the web presence and the online shop.